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Landscaping Projects for the Fall

There’s no better time for landscaping than the fall. In the fall, the soil isn’t constantly flooded by the spring or summer rains, so it’s easier to dig. Plus, the temperature outdoors is slightly more comfortable, with the weather being a bit more predictable, as you won’t have to deal with late frosts.

There are several aesthetically simple and creative ways to have your yard looking like a fall wonderland. They include the following:

Fertilize the grass

It’s essential to fertilize your plants and the grass in the fall when the soil is easy to dig. If you wait till later, the fertilizer won’t have enough time to settle below the surface. By fertilizing in the fall, the fertilizer will have sufficient time to furnish the soil with the nutrients required to help the plants flourish and grow.

Introduce potted plants

Potted plants are an excellent addition to your landscape, especially in places like the patio. They’re beautiful elements of the landscape and can be brought indoors as the fall season progresses and it gets too cold to keep them outside.

Consider pairing pansies and violas with hardy, sturdy succulents like echeveria for your potted fall plants. You can then pot the latter and place them indoors for a great display in late fall and throughout the winter.

Introduce a pumpkin porch

This involves placing pumpkins on either side of each level on the stairs leading up to your porch. You don’t necessarily have to go overboard with the pumpkin placement. A few of these glorious orange globes will get the aesthetic point across in fall landscaping.

By strategically placing the pumpkins along the way leading to your porch, you create a natural orange pop that everyone going into the house simply can’t miss. Note that less is always more with pumpkin porches, so there’s no need to overdo it.

Introduce a rock garden

A rock garden and water feature are a great addition to your landscape, especially in the fall, as it signifies keeping to the natural elements. Depending on the type of foliage in your yard, the colors of the surrounding landscape can be slightly altered or radically changed. This is an easy way to let nature do its thing without mixing things up too much.

Plant plenty of shrubs and trees

Another landscaping project for the fall that you can carry out is to plant lots of deciduous ornamental shrubs and trees.

Some excellent tree choices include Japanese maples, weeping cherries, and Sargent crabapples. Examples of suitable broadleaf evergreen foliage include the hardy boxwood, Mt. Fire Andromeda, and Delaware Valley White azaleas, which all fare excellently in cold weather conditions.

Have your landscape looking beautiful this fall and beyond

Fall is one of the most exciting seasons of the year. With the festive period just around the corner, you should take advantage of the favorable weather to have your yard looking beautiful.

As fall landscaping takes expert knowledge and special care, you’d do well to employ the services of a professional landscaping company. Reach out to us today and let us take care of all your fall landscaping needs.



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